Vegas Vibes

Feeling this Vegas vibe or is it more of a Flat Top Mullet??
Prəˈnaʊnst Moollay
I unpinned the curls after cooling, then sprayed generously with Redken Triple Take 32 High Hold spray. Keeping the curls in place/ or on base as the pro’s say I used my Cloud Nine wand to heat and lightly pancake the curls into place.
I rubbed a little Redken Outshine 01 anti frizz polishing milk through my hands and lightly pulled through curls at the back. For a sleek smooth contrasting finish.
Viva Los vegas

Contact me for styles as individual or as creative as your imagination. Fashion⚡️Film⚡️TV⚡️Bridal Specialist based in central Scotland.

Photographer: Sarah Burton
Model: Lauren Spring @ Clyne
Hair & Makeup: Dara Wakely
Stylist: Virginia McMullen
Assistant: Eloise Evans
Shoes throughout Ultra

Summer 2019 is almost here folks!!

Summer is nearly here folks!!!
Weddings- Girlie get togethers- Or partying on a yacht!?!
There’s simply nothing like having your Makeup and Hair done professionally to leave you feeling radiant, looking stunning and ready to turn heads.

I’ve worked professionally for 14 years in TV, Film, advertising and shooting magazines campaigns like this one. I’m now based in central Scotland offering my on location beauty boutique from Edinburgh to Glasgow, Crieff to Ayr and beyond.
Get in touch for your next event X

Wellington- New Zealand- Summer 2011
Creative Director – Sam Hannah (not on shoot)
Photographer – Gavin Jaymes
Stylist – Sopheak Seng
Styling assistant – Angela McGuigan
Makeup team – Dara Wakely and Lucy Gargulio
Nails – Lisa Morrison from Samantha Hannah Style Consultancy

Models – Gracie Ridley-Smith and Estelle Curd

Like an old world Hollywood starlet


Having gone for a classic and simple gown Hayley opted for keeping all the drama focused on her hair. She wore an incredible handmade hair piece and bird cage veil. They both came from a lady in Taranaki I believe… I’ll post a link to her site when I find it. Hayley’s hair was just past shoulder length at the time, but we decided a faux bob would be really flattering to her heart shape face and work well with her accessories too. Working with pincurls, I strategically placed them to accentuate Hayley’s cheekbones and fame her eyes. A generous helping of individual lashes concentrated at the outer corners of her eyes finished off her glowing makeup look.

This beautiful image is courtesy of St Clair Photography, check out their blog for other photos but especially their wedding videos~ they’re very special.