Summer 2019 is almost here folks!

Weddings- Girlie get togethers- Or partying on a yacht!?!
There’s simply nothing like having your Makeup and Hair done professionally to leave you feeling radiant, looking stunning and ready to turn heads.

I’ve worked professionally for 14 years in TV, Film, advertising and shooting magazines campaigns like this one. I’m now based in central Scotland offering my on location beauty boutique from Edinburgh to Glasgow, Crieff to Ayr and beyond.
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Wellington- New Zealand- Summer 2011
Creative Director – Sam Hannah (not on shoot)
Photographer – Gavin Jaymes
Stylist – Sopheak Seng
Styling assistant – Angela McGuigan
Makeup team – Dara Wakely, assisted by Lucy Gargulio
Nails – Lisa Morrison from Samantha Hannah Style Consultancy

Models – Gracie Ridley-Smith and Estelle Curd