Vegas Vibes

Feeling this Vegas vibe or is it more of a Flat Top Mullet??
Prəˈnaʊnst Moollay
I unpinned the curls after cooling, then sprayed generously with Redken Triple Take 32 High Hold spray. Keeping the curls in place/ or on base as the pro’s say I used my Cloud Nine wand to heat and lightly pancake the curls into place.
I rubbed a little Redken Outshine 01 anti frizz polishing milk through my hands and lightly pulled through curls at the back. For a sleek smooth contrasting finish.
Viva Los vegas

Contact me for styles as individual or as creative as your imagination. Fashion⚡️Film⚡️TV⚡️Bridal Specialist based in central Scotland.

Photographer: Sarah Burton
Model: Lauren Spring @ Clyne
Hair & Makeup: Dara Wakely
Stylist: Virginia McMullen
Assistant: Eloise Evans
Shoes throughout Ultra

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